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pesokPESOK CONSULTING is a small business consulting firm which works with local and
International business owners to develop, or more often, refine the business' strategies
with the ultimate goal of increasing their profitability. We work hand-in-hand with the
owners and managers to create new business ventures and develop long-term value-
building strategies

Our mission is to build trusted, long-term strategic partnerships with our clients/ partners by providing quality resources, exceptional  service and cost-effective solutions that help our clients maximize their bottom line by establishing new business opportunities in Cameroon and Central Africa at large. Our work varies from the core competitive strategy to operational to marketing strategy. We use a holistic, long-term perspective to develop the particular steps required to reach the long term goals, by identifying new market ventures for local and International business owners/companies establish new branches across Cameroon and Central Africa in general.

Our services include:

  • Identification of potential resellers for vendors.
  • Contacting these resellers for checking their interest in a partnership with the vendor.
  • Starting the negotiations with the resellers.
  • Facilitating the process till partnership is signed.
  • Following up with the reseller until the partnership starts to generate revenues


  • Business Assessments - Business valuations, competitive & operational benchmarking, organizational analysis & design, overhead analysis & cost reduction.
  • Business Planning Services - Exit strategy, feasibility studies, formal business plans, operation budgeting & forecasting, strategic planning, and succession planning.
  • Small Business Consulting Services - Acquisitions, business growth & expansion, cash flow management, funding, import & export opportunities, profitability, and sales & marketing.
  • Mentoring Programs - Executive training & development, management & leadership, productivity & performance, and sales training & development.
  • Business Skills Training - e-Learning platform provides on-demand , password-secure access to pre-packaged program content at anytime that is convenient with your schedule, from anywhere in the world with Intranet access.

Company Profile

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Our Services with Orange

  • Sale of recharge virtual orange
  • Sale of recharge cards for all cuts available at Orange
  • Sale of packs (phone + orange sleeves) 
  • Sale of the live box
  • Sale of Orange Internet key 
  • Selling joker wallets

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CANAL SAT Products

  • canalAll formulas and all options subscription and resubscription and Canal Sat equipment Installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Canal Sat hardware accessory 

Yoomee products

Providing 4G high speed wireless Internet affordable, accessible and instant via :

  • Internet device (key) at 29900f (2h of free connexion)
  • Desktop modem at 49900f (2h of free connexion)
  • Sales of recharge cards (1000f, 2000f, 5000f, 10 000f, and 35 000f)
  • Advice

MTN products

  • newmtnSales of virtual MTN recharge
  • Sales of recharges cards for cuts available at MTN
  • Sales of packs
  • Sales of Internet products (key and wi max)
  • Sales of MTN sim cards
  • MTN subscription and service delivery 
  • Tips and SIM renewal